The Benefits of Selecting the Suitable Telephone System for Your Business


As the technology keeps on progressing in bounds and leaps, the same goes for the convolution of our decision making with regards to selecting the most rightful voice solution for our business company. While a great deal of articles talk about the subject matter focus on the technologies that are currently available at the present time, what is more significant to the decision maker is how to control the suitable solution for the business. The factors that must be taken into consideration when making a decision must include the business preparation, purpose of usage, ease of usage, total cost of the ownership, as well as upfront cost. Being a conversant shopper can aid any business leverage the most of their telephone systems and ensure that they will not be placing their money to waste each month.

The telephone systems are great investment in your business company. They can boost the productivity of the entire company by means of more effectively handling the workflow which will let the end users have an easier access to the management as well as customization of their telephone systems by means of a web interface. A top rate and well-planned Grandstream IP PBX Dubai systems will make sure that the communication is directed very well all throughout your business companies by means of using the hunt groups, auto extensions and pick-up groups, can insure crucial calls will not be missed no matter what you are doing and where you are. This combined with the updated features like the ‘find me, follow me’, which permits the users to transmit calls to other extensions or to their mobile phones alone, can make sure that you will not be missing any single call no matter where you are.

And with the start of the IP based Grandstream Phone System Dubai systems, the business institutions no longer have any geographical limitations. All they require is to have an access on the internet for them to be linked to their telephone systems. This provide small as well as the medium-sized business companies much required suppleness for telecommunication and saves a lot on the long distance charges for organizations that have a lot of branches who generate the bulk of their calls from one place to another. And with the aid of the auto attendant features that are available in a whole heap of telephone systems, even business institutions that only have 2 to 4 workers can present themselves as big organizations.

Upfront chargers vs. entire cost of ownership

A great deal of business institutions look merely at the upfront costs alone without first determining the goals that their new telephone system should achieve for the business company.

Introduction To IP PBX Phone Systems


There are newer versions of IP PBX that has replaced the old versions of PBX, and this is new telephone technology for the new generation.

The data networks of these new telephone systems for both residential and commercial purposes known as IP PBX systems are used to combine the features of internet protocols and call data to transmit information.  These Grandstream IP Phones systems are known to transmit call data and processes during usage.  Those companies and business owners who have decided to change their phone systems from the older versions of PBX systems to newer versions of IP PBX have seen a wide range of benefits in its business operations, which include scalability and more strength.  The new technological systems are also known to provide uninterrupted communication for businesses when they deal with the outside world.

Technological Features Involved

The systems work in such ways that VOIP systems act as gateway channels with connect with the already installed PSTN lines, and SIP phones that work as IP PB servers during the process.  The process also has the IP PBX acting as a proxy server.  The service provider is responsible for creating a connection with the IP PBX when the consumer begins a call, that is why there is a need for all users to register and sign up with the PBX provider.  These types of Grandstream IP PBX systems are perfect for businesses because directories are either providing pre-recorded and coded information which contain the numbers of the entire pool of users within the corresponding SIP address.

Advantages Of IP PBX Telephone Systems

The first couple of benefits on the list are easier installation and smoother configuration, since more than regular telephone system usage, users are provided with the easier option to install and configure these systems better than these older versions.

The second advantage for users is being able to manage the device easier, since the installed PBX systems provide users with an easy to navigate interface with the use of their computer screens.  This benefit providers users with an easy to control interface with a computer screen to change the settings of their PBX system and customize them according to their preferences.

The third advantage of PBX systems is on its cost-effectiveness as there are many VOIP providers around that can provide users with cost-effective services.  For both long distance and overseas phone calls, services are provided.  There are provided free calls along the PBX systems servicers, so you can hit your offices located in far areas or near you with a call.

Fourth, its wireless features also give it an edge among other systems, since you can connect your phones directly to computers through the ports of network available.  There is no need to use any wiring.

Fifth, there is a possibility of mixing and matching both IP PBX phones and SIP phones.  Any type of hardware or software phone may be used.

Landline Or Internet Based Phone System?


Among the things that you need to consider first is which operating system is right for you when planning to invest in a business telephone system to be used for your company. The services and products offered, how you’re staffs, the size of your company and your expected volume of calls are going to affect your decision. It will be wise to take into mind some features of the phone systems below:

And while it is true that VOIP phone systems keep gaining popularity than its landline counterpart, there are still many companies that prefer this option. These systems are using traditional wiring of a telephone company rather than depending on an internet connection. These are so reliable solution in which many people find comfort of using. This Grandstream IP Phone System on the other hand have limited features and hardware may be a bit expensive as your company expands. The maintenance has to be done by an on-site technician which can possibly lead to delays in solving the issues at greater costs.

But when it comes to VOIP telephone system, it makes all sorts of communication to be managed using the internet. Because the company is likely using the internet, the communication has become another process that is using the same connection. These types of business telephone systems offer more versatile and advanced features similar to call queues and interactive voice response or IVR. Not only that, this particular type of Grandstream PBX system can be integrated easily with mobile phones and emails, meaning better response times to customers.

When you use this solution however, you must be mindful that you need to have a quality internet connection. The company should be able to have high speed internet connection and recognize that more processes is used, the more strain it puts on the connection. And if ever the internet is down, so as with the communication. And in this matter, you better discuss this subject carefully with your prospective service provider if they have contingency plans in case that this sort of issue occurred.

You do not need to be mindful of the inherent risks of communication via the internet which pose the same security risks where every user online is currently dealing with. Speak with the service provider regarding the features and processes that they offer to make sure that your company is protected. It doesn’t matter if you prefer a landline based or VOIP based telephone system, what you want here is a solution that meets the needs of your operation and the size of your company.

Remember that your company heavily depends on reliable and decent connections so you have to consider carefully which business telephone system to use.

A Quick Guide to Phone Systems

12 Technology is changing through the passing of time, and through this, the complexity of our decision making when it comes to choosing the perfect voice solution for our workplace is also becoming more vital.

One should know the different factors that will be considered when you are faced with the decision of choosing the right Grandstream PBX Dubai system are up-front cost, total cost of ownership, ease of use, purpose of use, productivity, and on how the business is presented.

The Difference of Up-Front Cost and Total Cost of Ownership

What happens mostly today is that businesses are looking at up-front cost due to the fact that they often shop for a Grandstream Phones Dubai system without first identifying what goals are needed with the new phone system that they will be taking on.

People are also taking for granted the level of increased productivity and cost savings that they will get from these new phone systems. These decision makers are usually buying phone systems just like they were buying a non-durable goods and they do not invest on this even though it will be obsolete in the coming years.

What makes it even more of an issue is that these people look at a phone system as a luxury item which is why they still save money before buying it. Up-front costs are obviously a factor, but put in mind that these should only be a factor after you are certain the system you choose can potentially meet your standards.

Knowing the Business Presentation

it certainly has a dramatic effect on how your company is viewed if your small or mid-sized company has its own phone system.

We often misunderstand this when we get to call into a business and connect to an auto attendant, and you then realize that you are talking to a large corporation. This surely has a a big difference on how a company views you, which is why you need to be careful on this.

This is pretty much a very good thing for you because you have the power to get routed directly to a person and it preserves that personal feel that you have. Get to know that VoIP and small analog systems can accomplish this feat at a very low price.

Putting it up together

The answer to being able to purchase a phone system is by first getting to knowing your business and understanding how voice technologies can be best leveraged in helping your model at all costs.

Having a wide array of choices in the market makes this a daunting task to choose a system when being sold on rich feature sets and when various marketing who knows what are surrounding you.

If you have chosen the best and perfect match of phone system for your workplace, you will surely realize that you are making a sound investment in your company for years to come, which is a very good sign.

Tips for Finding a Business Telephone System to Invest On


One of the essential factors for business success is good communication. Making communication an integral part of company values will lead to better employee performance, as well as help bring company and customer relationships to a more positive level. Best of all, good communication helps establish a brand’s physical presence, and in the process, improve a business’ market visibility.

For these reasons, you have to find a reliable Grandstream Phones system. But, the problem is, there are too many business phone systems in the market. Some of your choices are virtual PBX systems, on-premise VoIP telephone systems, and wired phone systems. To be able to choose the right one, you need to follow these four tips.

What kind of phone system does your business need?

What you should do is evaluate what will fit your business.Your primary concern is to find a phone system that will help your daily and general operations. If you are not able to do this well, your investment will be all for nothing.

Perform a comparative analysis of the cloud phone systems and the on-premise phone systems.

As you now know what to look for, you should then compare the advantages and disadvantages of the on-premise phone systems and the Grandstream Phones UAE systems. Each phone system has aspects that can be beneficial for your business. To demonstrate this, if you understand what each system offers, you’ll know that the on-premise phone system is perfect for small businesses with minimal communication needs.

For more aggressive businesses, though, especially if the plan is to eventually expand, the cloud phone system is the ideal choice.

Remember: phone systems have advanced features.

Yes, phone systems have advanced features that can help make decision making easier, so don’t forget to consider them. If your business is part of an aggressive market, find a system that allows you to send instant messages and carry out video conferences. For this reason, your business will need to get a VoIP phone system.

If you want your business to incorporate the advantages of e-mail, messaging, and social media networks, the VoIP phone system is definitely the way to go. This will greatly help increase your business’ ability to focus on customers and their needs.

Finally, find time to study service providers.

Take your time and be wise when finding a good service provider. Look for and read through testimonials by clients so you’ll get an idea about a service provider’s credibility and experiences.

Don’t forget to write down everything that you researched.

Learn, understand, and follow these tips if you want to find the best telephone system for your business without hassle.